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欧宝电竞登录用户登录 The power cord (plastic/rubber), cable, extension cords, wire harness, coil and other related products

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        Ningbo Xuanhua electric appliance co., LTD., founded in 2004, formerly known as yuyao kirin plastic hardware factory, yuyao torch chi electronics co., LTD., yuyao warmth hui electric appliance co., LTD. Was incorporated in January 2015, ningbo xua hua industrial co., LTD., is specialized in the production of the power cord (pl……

Enterprise culture

Vision: to do business, the pursuit of excellence, create first-class internationally competitive wire and cable manufacturing enterprises.
Mission: to focus on our business and to listen to customer needs and ideas, to customers the best suppliers.

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        On January 16 afternoon, small LuXia Village chamber of commerce in 2015 annual meeting held in Xuahua company in the meeting room on the first floor, the village of nearly 50 chamber …