Here you will find News and Updates about what we are up to and what's going on.  We will also post product information here as well from time to time.

**Our apologies for not keeping up on the News page**

The Original MD500 and MD600 have been replaced with the new SP versions of the models.  The SP version has some changes to it.  The frames are cut differently with a few new minor parts to accommodate, there is a new style canopy that wraps around the back of the frames and on to the tail boom and the boom supports are shortened for a more streamlined look.

8/11/2016 - Added the NEW MD 500/550 FBL SP Kit to the website.

8/2/2016 - We received an order of parts and kits and have updated the website.

1/5/2016 - We have an order of parts and kits on the way and will also be doing some website updates over the next week or so.

1/5/2016 - Parts arrived and the website has been updated. 

12/31/2015 - Got an order of parts on the way.

11/23/2015 - Vego Carbon Replacement Skid Arms are back in stock.

11/18/2015 - Swash Level Tools are now back in stock.

11/10/2015 - Got another order of parts put in.

11/5/2015 - We have some more Swash Level Tools on order.

10/8/2015 - Got a few more things in today and the website has been updated,

9/9/2015 - Received a new order of parts today and the website has been updated.

8/25/2015 - Received a new order of parts today and the website has been updated.

8/17/2015 - Starting now, all orders over $99 will include Free Shipping in the USA.

8/17/2015 - The Swash Level Tool will be out of stock for a few months as we had gotten the last few from the supplier.

7/21/2015 - We have a couple of the Swash Level Tools on the way.

7/5/2015 - Just received confirmation that the new KKIII Pro ESC's have been shipped and we will have them this week.

6/11/2015 - Expected delivery of the KKIII Pro ESC's will be the end of this month.

6/11/2015 - Got an order of parts on the way.

4/13/2015 - Got an order of parts in today and website has been updated with current stock.

3/28/2015 - We are now the North American Dealer for the Hifei King Kong III Series HV ESC's.

3/1/2015 - Got a new order of parts on order along with the new 12s style Battery Trays for the MD6.

12/30/2014 - New Years Sale is going on, use the code "NEWYEAR" during checkout.

12/2/2014 - Got a bunch of Quick Release Battery Trays in.

12/2/2014 - Updated the website with stock of new parts and out of stock items.

11/27/2014 - Great Kit prices and 15% off the rest of your order site wide by using the code "BLACK14".

11/26/2014 - We have Vego Creations Carbon Skid Sets and Replacement Carbon Arms on order.

11/26/2014 - Black Friday Sale ends Friday 11/28/14 at 11:59pm MST.

11/26/2014 - We have a new order on its way in of new Canopies and more Quick Release Battery Trays and even more parts.

11/24/2014 - Added the updated 500 / 550 / 600 Manual to the Product Manuals page.

11/24/2014 - Added some new Canopies to the website.

11/12/2014 - Shopping Cart is fixed and can now process Credit Card transactions.

8/29/2014 - Current Special is FBL Rotortech Main Blades with all Kits!!!

8/19/2014 - Updated the website with new, highly competitive Special Kit pricing!!!

7/22/2014 - All set for IRCHA, have a nige big order on its way :)

7/22/2014 - Website has been updated with stock qty of items and the last order of Rail Blades have been added to the website

6/2/2014 - We love happy customers - click here

6/2/2014 - More MD5 and MD7/8 Kits should arrive tomorrow along with more parts

5/27/2014 - Rail 696 and 716 Blades are back in stock, 516's are on backorder

5/23/2014 - Rail 696, 716 and 516 Blades are on order

5/20/2014 - Got some RC Booya Canopy Mounts coming for the MD5 and MD6

5/19/2014 - Had a GREAT time at the Othello Fun Fly this past weekend

5/8/2014 - Secraft Radio Gimbles and the MD7/8 RC Booya Canopy Mounts arrived and are in stock

5/6/2014 - Secraft Radio Gimbles are on the way, will be up on the website shortly

5/4/2014 - Got some RC Booya Mounts coming for the MD7/8

4/24/2014 - Haiyin 6s 40C 5000mAh, 4000mAh and 3000mAh Batteries now in stock

4/23/2014 - Updated the Product Manuals page

4/22/2014 - Added an MD6 Build Video and MD7/8 Promo Video in the videos section

4/21/2014 - Rail Blades 606's, 556's and 96's are in stock

4/20/2014 - Team Pilot Christian Rainey's MD6 Build with photos and a maiden flight video

4/7/2014 - Got some Rail Blades 606's, 556's and 96's on the way

4/7/2014 - MD Helicopters and MD Helicopters USA would like to welcome the newest MD Team Pilot, Christian Rainey to the MD team and Family

4/9/2014 - Almost finished adding the MD5, MD6 and all supporting parts to the Website

4/7/2014 - Adding Parts for the MD5 and MD6 to the Website

4/2/2014 - Vego Creations Carbon Landing Gear are back in stock and ready to ship

4/1/2014 - Vego Creations Carbon Landing Gear should arrive tomorrow and be back in stock

3/31/2014 - KBDD 112mm Orange Tail Blades are back in stock

3/28/2014 - At the Las Vegas Fun Fly 3/28 - 3/30, all orders placed during this time will ship on 3/31 - 4/1

3/28/2014 - Received shipping confirmation for more of the Vego Creations Carbon Landing Gear, should be here sometime next week

3/25/2014 - We have added our Quake 530Kv Motors to the website

3/17/2014 - MD 7/8 Time Lapse and Detailed Build Videos in the videos section

3/17/2014 - Our 530Kv Motors showed up over the weekend, will be adding to the website shortly

3/17/2014 - Created a videos section

3/10/2014 - We will be at the LA3D Fun Fly on 3/15/2014, stop by and check out the MD 7/8

3/10/2014 - Event Banners have been created and at the Printers now, should have them tomorrow

3/9/2014 - Anodized Parts should arrive in the next couple of days, they are sitting in US Customs in San Francisco

3/6/2014 - We would like to welcome Deater Butler as the newest MD Helicopters USA Team Pilot

3/5/2014 - Our QUAKE 530Kv Motors are on the way from our Manufacturer

3/5/2014 - Confirmed Order was shipped

3/3/2014 - Ordered Anodized Parts for the MD 7/8

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